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Michigan's 13th Annual Spring Young Living Exceptional Expectations Event

Updated: Feb 25

Order TICKETS >>> Join us for our Michigan's 13th Annual Spring Young Living Exceptional Expectations Event!! We have 2 days of incredible speakers coming in to give us amazing education in all areas of your life!! If you want motivation, education, friendship, oily info and more, then this event is for YOU!!!

Sneak Peek at Some of the Topics:

  • Microbiome & Weight Management

  • CBD the New Frontier

  • The Well Oiled Man

  • KISS: Keep it Simple Sweetie

  • Protecting your DNA

  • Essential Oil Chemistry 101

  • Male & Female Hormones

  • Cleansing: Gut, Liver, Kidneys

  • Living Fiercely Free

  • I Think It's a Pyramid

  • Critical Conversations

  • Enrolling NEW Members

  • Diamond Bound & Beyond

  • Compensation & Celebrations

  • TEAM Structure & Placement

  • Duplication & Social Media

  • Strategies for Success

All topics are subject to change*

Meet Our Keynote Speakers:

Royal Crown Diamond & Creator of Diamond Bound Jordan Schrandt

Doug & Jordan Schrandt are the hosts of Diamond Bound Event, an event that began small in 2015 for their own Young Living team. They are parents of eight amazing children and live on their homestead in the Ozarks of Missouri. They have been married for almost nine years, and have an amazing story of reconciliation after death, loss, a second marriage and adoptions. They love seeing people find freedom in every realm of their lives!

This year, both Doug and Jordan will be presenting at Diamond Bound. Doug has been pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors for 15 years and has great insight into systems and large-scale mindset of successful business. Jordan is the keynote speaker of Diamond Bound each year, presenting several times with immense energy and passion.

Diamond Laura Peiffer

Laura Peiffer is asmall hometown girl from the country and farmers daughter.She had big dreams to leave small town and attend MSU. She never left the Greater Lansing area has been there the last 23 years. She grew up 2 miles away from her husband and they were high school sweethearts.

They adopted 4 boys. 2 attend public school and thanks to Young Living 2 can be home schooled with their own teacher.

Thanks to an amazing team and a lot of hard work they last 3 years they went from being an Executive team to a Diamond Team. Laura's biggest advice to anyone building a YL business is stay consistent and always work on your personal development.

Diamond Marlene Wiegers

Marlene Wiegers enrolled in Young Living in 2008 and her life was completely transformed!! She felt a desire to help others experience their own personal transformation in every area of their lives; wellness, purpose & abundance!! She started sharing with gusto from day one!! She built her team to Silver in 2 months, Gold in 8 and she was one of the fastest Platinums in Young Living’s history! Marlene is a skilled communicator & works hand in hand with the members on her team regardless of rank; she treats each member as a Diamond!! Marlene is currently a diamond running for crown diamond!!!

Author & Silver Doug Corrigan, Ph.D.

Doctor Doug Corrigan was led into the world of essential oils by his beautiful but persistent wife, Amy. That first kit was purchased for his wife to keep her from burning down the house with candles, but it eventually transformed their entire family and lifestyle.

Doug is the author of the book, “Innoilvation: The Science of Producing Powerful and Safe Essential Oils,” and is the founder of the Facebook Group: Shedding Light on Essential Oils.

Doug has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a Masters in Physics (concentration in Materials Science), and a Bachelors in Physics with a minor in Electrical Engineering. He started out in his career working for NASA on a series of micro gravity research studies that flew aboard the Space Shuttle, as well as the Department of Energy doing research on new advanced materials. He then switched into the life sciences and launched a biotechnology company that developed novel molecular biology tools to help large pharmaceutical companies discover new drugs faster and more accurately. He is also an avid inventor, and has won over 30 different awards and licenses for his innovations that span from biotech, to nano science, to medicine, to energy technologies.

After witnessing the incredible benefits of essential oils being used on his family, Doug had to re-adapt his entire westernized school of thought to understand the science underlying essential oils. Through his studies, he realized that there is a “theory gap” between western science and natural medicine, and so he developed a model to connect these two disparate worlds. He now uses this model to teach in-depth online video classes that walk a person with no background in science through the basics of biochemistry, molecular biology, and how they relate ultimately to the science of essential oils.

Doug lives in North Carolina with his four wonderful children and his wife, Amy. He has a son who is basically a clone of himself, and three daughters. In his spare time, Doug loves to compose music on the piano and has published four albums: Fingers, Baby Fingers, Fingers Vol. II, and Drops of Rain (an album specifically created for relaxation and aromatherapy).

Creator of GROworkspace & Gold Krissy Chin

Krissy Chin is an ex Registered Nurse turned serial entrepreneur.  She is a mom of two sweet and sassy kiddos Avery and Scottie and wife to an ambitious and fun-loving guy, Michael.

Krissy is obsessed with all things marketing and sales, dangly earrings, messy buns (because let’s be honest, showers are rare), and not taking herself too seriously.

She started her Young Living business in 2014. After reaching the rank of Gold in just two years, Krissy launched GROworkspace with her youngest sister Claire.

GROworkspace supports thousands of Young Living business builders helping them get started in this business and save them a ton of time through the resources GROworkspace provides.

Krissy’s success in business has as led her to launch a podcast, Badass is the new black, to empower women and teach them the art of niching down and finding their voice in this noisy online world to attract their ideal customers that generate sales. 

Author & Diamond Kerri Birkley

Kerri Birkley is a Diamond leader with Young Living who resides in southwest Florida with her husband Christian and 3 boys. Going from bankrupt to freedom she understands the true meaning of action. She is passionate about bringing inspiration to individuals all over the world, and takes pride in working with those who are seeking purpose and ready for change. She believes everyone has what it takes but it starts with the decision to try and the belief inside yourself. Kerri is the author of the life changing book; Fiercely Free, How to release the fear, unlock your truth, and live in freedom! This wonderful booked has jumpstarted the Fiercely Free Movement where like-minded individuals encourage & support each other!

Author & Diamond Codie-Lyn Kahler

Codie-lyn Kahler is the author of CBD:Plant-Based Wellness. Her journey to health and wellness began 7 years ago while searching for support for her vaccine-injured son. Since discovering Young Living essential oils in 2012 her life has taken a drastic turn. She has found wellness, purpose, and abundance with a company that allows her to educate others and empower them to make the best decisions for their family.

Codie-lyn Kahler and her husband, Bill, run their Young Living business together while raising their 3 kids and 3 giant dogs. As a home school mother, entrepreneur, and business owner she understands the unique needs of other “mompreneurs”. Breaking down difficult concepts is her specialty and she strives to empower others through education.

Hosted by:

Diamonds Brian & Shannon Hudson

Founders of A New Hope Educational Service, Brian & Shannon are a Diamond TEAM with a mission. They believe & teach that we were all created to be extraordinary. They have a heart to change the way we see ourselves, so we can positively impact the lives of those around us.

They are a true rags to riches story; from toilet bowl cleaners in 2007 to millionaire club in 2014!! Brian & Shannon built their Young Living organization to Silver in 90 days & Gold in 5 months! They have duplicated that timeline with countless others via their 10/90 Plan & Annual Growing Diamond Incentive: Brian & Shannon travel around the country sharing Young Living's Wellness, Purpose & Abundance at events just like this one in the hopes of changing the NEXT generation!! They are Diamonds on their way to Royal Crown Diamond & they want to take everyone with them on that journey!!


Event Special Price: Ends November 2 @10:00 pm

Single Ticket $49.00 Group 10 pack $295.00

Regular Price: Starts November 2 @10:00 pm

Single Ticket $69.00 & Group 10 pack $495.00

Late Price: After February 1 @ 9:00 am

Single Ticket $79.00 & Group 10 pack $590.00


March 6 & 7, 2020

9:00 am - 10:00 am Expo & Doors Open

10:00 am - 5:30 pm Conference 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch

Lunch is on your own. Feel free to bring your lunch, lawn chairs, picnic blankets & eat outside with oodles of oilers, enjoy Kabob Middle Eastern Cuisine for $10.00 a plate, grab a Young Living snack at the New Hope Cafe' available in the expo room or go to a nearby restaurants

Tyrone Valley Conference Center ~ Church Of God

6317 Old Us 23, Fenton, MI 48430

Area Hotels & Restaurants

Please Note: All sales are final. There are no refunds on tickets, but you may gift your ticket to another person without a transfer fee. All speakers may change without notice. Any unforeseen circumstance that causes a change in venue or date for the event will be communicated to you via the email you use to purchase tickets. It is your responsibility to communicate those changes to additional ticket holders. No children under the age of 10 are allowed in the events. Nursing lap held babies are welcome.

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