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Detoxes & Cleanses; Liver, Gut, Kidney, Parasites >>> Where do I start?

Our bodies are wonderfully & fearfully made!!! They are able to adapt, seamlessly regulating important functions from temperature to heart rate, and constantly

working to repair, cleanse and rejuvenate. We often take for granted how the body naturally detoxifies itself, from not only the normal by-products of cellular reactions, but also the potentially harmful substances and pathogens.  


Sometimes, the body gets overloaded by toxins. It just happens. We live in a world full of toxins that overload our system. All your detox organs— the liver, kidneys, lungs, gut, and skin, which we count on for maintaining our health, get knocked out of balance. When this happens, we often experience significant symptoms that occur from the body trying to correct itself. Including things like toxins, mold & parasites!!

Everybody knows about colon cleansing, but what about liver cleanse, blood cleanse, metal cleanse, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse ? Where do you start?  Do we really have to cleanse every area?  What happens when we don’t cleanse? Can children cleanse? Is there a connection between mental clarity, energy & cleansing?  If so, will cleansing those areas reverse the damage? Join us as we talk about all your detox organs & HOW we can help support the process!

Join us Monday, @ 7:00 PM EST for our weekly Zoom Meeting.

Zoom ID 675 874 1038 Password: Hope

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