July 28 - Davison Flip Flop Season: Bugs, Sun & Summer Fun

Summer is finally here!! Are you ready?? How do your feet look after months of boots?

What are some natural options to get those feet summer ready? What are your natural options for sun block? What can you use AFTER you played in the sun? What are the nutrients that will keep your skin healthy & tan but never red? Does your body know how to protect itself? Why are some people prone to bug bites & sun burn? What can you do to avoid all those critters inside the house, in the garden & bugging you when you play outside?? What are some simple treats you can use to keep cool & hydrated? Join us and get summer ready!

July 28 @ 3:00 PM

Everyone welcome from oily lover to newbies!! We would love to have you join us!!

Davison Farmer’s Market

8110 E Court St, Davison, MI 48423

Host: Young Living Platinum Tina Serra

Special Speaker: Young Living Diamond Shannon Hudson

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