Aug 20 - Falling in Love with Young Living's Amazing CBD

Join us for an evening of fun & education!!! Diamond Shannon Hudson will be helping YOU fall in love with Young Living's AMAZING CBD!!!! What is CBD? What does it do for me? How do you use

it? WHY would I want to use it? What makes Young Living’s CBD special?

What is SMART Spectrum? Who can use it? What can I expect from using CBD? What is the cannabinoid System? Which essential oil infused CBD does what?? How do you use the muscle rub & Beauty boost? So many questions!!!! Let’s chat about all things CBD & clear up some of the confusion.

Saturday, August 20, 2022 @ 1:00 PM EST Shannon's Personal Facebook Page

Everyone is welcome! Oily lovers to those who have NEVER heard of oils. No charge; just come, relax & laugh for a few hours. When you arrive, just tell us who shared this post with you. You'll be so glad you came!



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