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Updated: Apr 19

We are so blessed and grateful to have you as a part of our team!! Choosing to share Young Living with others is an amazing decision. Please know we are here to help you achieve YOUR dreams. Join us for our weekly Brand Partner Zooms, where we will dig deep into multiple

business strategies >>> How do you share with others? How do you get them to share with others too? How does our compensation plan work? Where do I place the people I enroll? What is happening at corporate? How do overcome objections? If you have more questions, you will get to ask them during our Q & A every week!!! Stumped?? Bring your questions & let’s brainstorm as a team to come up with a plan that works for YOU!!! We would love to get to know you & your heart!!! You are invited to share & invite your members to join us too!!

Zoom Meeting ID: 675 874 1038

Zoom Password: fabulous (no caps)

Upcoming Topics:

April 1: 90 Day Plan of Action & Comp 101

April 8: The Power of Affirmations

April 15: Mind Your Words & Structure

April 22: Events & Classes: Behind the Scenes & all the WHYS

April 29: End of the Month Hustle May 6: Let's Talk Bundles

May 13: When the Dream is Big Enough

May 20: Creating Social Media Content

May 27: Overcoming Excuses

June Topics Coming Soon


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