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Listen to that Small Voice!

Wednesday Brian Hudson missed a step & jarred his back. He didn't fall; he just slipped & landed hard. His back started hurting a few hours later to the point he couldn't take a breath. He refused to go into see a chiropractor & thought it would just work its way out. I oiled him up every few hours, gave him supplements that support muscles & a host of "extra" stuff including magnesium oil & hot packs. As of yesterday, he was breathing better but still in serious pain. He agreed, if he still felt like this on Monday he would go see a chiropractor.

As we were getting ready for bed, I oiled him up while praying. We lay down & I continued praying. All of a sudden I had a picture of the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream in my head. I got up went in the other room to find it & rubbed it in all over Brian's neck & back. Climbed back in bed & went to sleep.

Today, he is like a new man!!! His back is not 100% but he is walking around & not groaning so I take that as a good thing ;) I am still oiling him up; I just finish with the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream!! He never complains about anything & ALWAYS takes care of me. I am so happy he is feeling better!

Moral of the story: listen to that still small voice. All of the oils in the Cool Azul were already being applied individually. I could have easily blown off the passing thought and just went to sleep. Young Living blends are special, they work together to create a whole NEW vibration!! That is exactly what Brian needed right then, a NEW vibration!!

Listen to your body, if you have a thought of using a specific oil for something don’t second guess yourself!! Just try it; your body REALLY does know what it needs, most of the time we ignore the message.

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