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10/90 Challenge: Florida Conference Flyer

This flyer is for our Florida Conference in January. Are you running an all day event??

Would you like to invite people who are not in Young Living YET??? Do you live in Florida and want to share 10 a day???

You are welcome to use these as samples or edit one or all three flyers by clicking on the flyer and downloading the picture.

Be sure to add your contact information in the blank space. DO NOT HAND OUR THE FLYER WITH MY INFO.

You can fit 2 on a sheet paper. There is even a black & white option if you do not want to use color ink!

I offer my personal first time guest, discount tickets by paying for 50% of their ticket. That way they are invested, but I can give them a reason for working with me. You do not have to offer a discounted ticket, you can do whatever works for you!!!

Download a picture and add your info in any photo editing program. If you need help, shoot me an email. We have members that will add your information for $5.00.

Find all 3 Flyers HERE.

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