Brain Health Summit (Digital)

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Brain Health Summit
(Instant Digital Download)

7 hours of Business Building & 7 hours packed full of Brain Health!

HORMONES LIKE ESTROGEN & Testosterone affect our mental acuity.

Neurotransmitters like serotonin & dopamine have a role in how we respond to everything in life!! Everyone has days where we feel sad & overwhelmed. We forget where we left the car & what we getting ready to do, right in the middle of doing it! Our children & teens come home from school & have hours of homework & still struggle to keep up. What is happening? How do we change this cycle? Are there answers? Where do you start? Join us for a FULL day of brain health education!!
Here are some of the topics
• Freedom & Reconnect EO
• Caring for Our Children’s Minds
• Protecting Our Aging Mind
• Feeding Our Beautiful Brain
• Neuro Pathways & Emotions
• Roller Coaster - Mood Swings
• Thoughts Are Things
• Circle of Chaos
• Neurotransmitters & Cravings

Check out the Power Point that goes along with this audio series!

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